InfoGraphics: Ecotherapy

What Is Ecotherapy?

Ecotherapy is also known as ‘nature therapy’ or ‘green therapy. It is an important self-confidence method, reducing the effects of various mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, which are related to daily difficulties.

How to Apply Ecotherapy

With ecotherapy, one can achieve positive feelings by adapting daily routines. For instance:

  • If you are working from home, take your laptop and other study materials with you and work in nature. Get inspired by nature.
  • Define nature according to your abilities. If you are a good writer, write praise to nature or reflect the colors on paper or canvas.
  • Do not be dependent on the gym or home. Nature has unlimited space for you to bike, run, or jump rope.
  • Meditate with a guide or alone. Feel the scent, wind, and serenity of nature, and get rid of daily troubles.
  • Do not neglect the plants in the house. Talk to them, take care of them, and express your love.

What Are the Benefits of Ecotherapy?

Research shows that 95% of people feel much more productive, comfortable, balanced, and carefree after being in touch with nature for a long time. Thus, ecotherapy helps overcome physical and mental diseases caused by stress.

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